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The project head - M.S.Nissenbaum.   Design and the copyright: The SQUIRREL Group.

PHOTOS: the Photos placed in information system " Source ", are taken from books " Astronautics of the USSR ", The Planet, 1986 and " S.P.Korolyov's RCC Energy " , 1996. The elements of design including the images of planets, are made on the basis of NASA pictures . We thank NASA for these pictures.



Discussions and answers on most frequently set questions (FAQ)


Can we publish or place on our site separate quotations from your pages or one of articles from the Section "Library"?

What does concept "Emptiness" means?

And still, how do you concern to the evolutionary theory of Darwin?

What criteria of selection of articles in your Library are? In other words, how to make so that work could be published there?

What is it necessary to make, to be accepted in Earth Security Academy, or in Academy of Space Explorations?

Who has created the doctrine about Higher Space?                            

Why do you support the development of space engineering, whether doesn't it contradict the ecological purposes?

What opportunities, the useful services interesting to users, are stipulated on KOCMOC.INFO?

Why the basic category of this revolutionary doctrine of XX century was named Higher Space? Why Space?














Question:  Can we publish or place on our site, for example, one of articles from Library, or any quotations from pages of portal KOCMOC.INFO?

The answer: Yes, certainly. Moreover, we welcome similar information interchange. Thus, according to the Law on the copyright, it is necessary to make the reference on KOCMOC.INFO - the hyper-reference if you publish in the Internet, or simply to specify a source and names of authors - if the question is the publication or a mention in MASS-MEDIA.

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Question: Concerning the Higher Cosmos doctrine. Undoubtedly, serious work is done, FSC-transformations do not cause doubts, it - actually already for a long time the reality which has usually in a science: global or local, infinitesimal transformations not only Lorentz’s, but also Finsler’s, conformal, supersymmetric, and many other things... But how to understand, for example, such term as "Emptiness"?

The answer: It is one of the complicate moments of the concept, indeed. In "Source" we attempt to clear this question, we shall not repeat. We shall begin that any thing or category should be understood proceeding from plurality of descriptions: one people or groups of people understand it so, others in another way. All understandings should be taken into account - as independently from each other, and in interaction of one with another, despite of their seen contradictions. But all these contradictions only seem, they arise that each separate understanding is only deformed picture, some kind of reflection in a mirror. So, each separate understanding to a certain extend is true, but to a certain extend is false. False elements of understandings create contradictions. Further, the important contribution brings Buddhist understanding of Emptiness. But, certainly, our concept of Emptiness to this is not reduced, though includes it as one of the major elements of understanding.

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Question: And still, how do you concern to the evolutionary theory of Darwin?

The answer: For us it is not a secret, that in Russia as however and in many other countries, this theory is supported by very good and dear by us people. In our country, for example, for a long time it was a subject of fierce political strike so for it non-agreement quite could put in prison, or anyway to discharge from office.

So people had to adapt, and now in it really many trust, though not all. Our portal, however, is intended for the broad audience of people which can profess various religions or adheres to sights of the remarkable English scientist Charles Darwin...

At the same time, we share and we separate results of the serious, scale and checked up scientific research from ignorant speculations on this theme, from sophistic and demagogies. You see scientific results allow to draw only those conclusions which they allow to make. And if, say, for the Higher Creator millions years are one instant, and He could create the person not only from tiger or the monkey, but also from vacuum both for billion years, and for a pair of seconds? In what shall the contradiction with scientific (experimental and archeological) achievements consist in?

We share two things: outstanding discoveries and then irresponsible, adventurous and illiterate speculations of incompetent people. You see ponder: the last - not that other, as a kind of the self-indulgence of the society based on incorrect systems of knowledge and drug-dependency from material benefits; the self-indulgence of the addict.

By the way, Darwin «... Did not dare to draw any materialistic or political conclusions from the doctrine » (" the Big Soviet Encyclopedia "). A considerable role in it played Marx and Engels as it is told in the same Encyclopedia. In the same place we read also I.V.Stalin's words: « the Darvinism rejects... As well dialectically understood development including revolution whereas from the point of view of a dialectic method evolution and revolution, quantitative and qualitative changes, are two necessary forms of the same movement ».

So we shall not draw unequivocal conclusions. There are many complex questions, in which else it is necessary to understand...

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Question: What criteria of selection of articles in your Library are? In other words, how to make so that work there it would be published?

The answer: The Basic criterion is conformity to the basic subjects of a portal " Higher Cosmos ". You see this direction of knowledge are developed actually by collective efforts of many people among which there are no main and minor, there are no leaders. It is a strategic line, and in it too display of new forms of creativity. If your work gets in Library, you thus become the full participant of collective.

So send the works, and not to be afraid of anything: they can be published and in section "Forum". Besides brilliant work can develop a strategic direction, at all not being is published here on a site in Library: in view of features of the Internet. There is no absolutely any difference, whether there is a work on the given resource or in other sources. Access for the user equally simply is opened by the hyper-reference. For this purpose the section of "Reference" also is intended.

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Question: What is it necessary to make, to be accepted in Academy of Ecological Safety, or in Academy of Researches of Space? Whether is it easy to become the academician?

The answer: No, it is impossible. We do not have academicians. It was just necessary to name structure somehow... Well not league was it to name! Therefore we also agreed eventually on such name as in an antiquity, as is known, so named one grove. That quite corresponds to our ecological orientation. Once again, we do not have academicians as one our comrade told, " we are not academicians, we are trees "...

The academy of Researches of Space, really, in this sense resembles academy in modern understanding, but besides more, and it has no academicians; it is not planned in the near future. And we also never were engaged in distribution of certificates to ministers and as now we see it was correctly, you see many who have gone on this way and have not achieved anything. See, any structure if to distribute to awards, ranks - sooner or later degenerates, which we see today on many examples... Especially in conditions when the adequate, competent state scientific politics was not observed half-centuries. And it discredits idea. We shall tell, such names as Korolyov, Lobachewsky, Mendellev, Tsiolkowsky do not require ranks.

So take part in development of our creative directions, in activity of our Unions, publish works - and you will enter a grove...

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Question: Who has created the Higher Cosmos doctrine?

The answer: It is collective work of hundreds thousand people, scientists of all world which investigated properties of space during all XX century. At the end of the Epilogue we shall result subsequently the list only very small part of works of some of them. Especially a big contribution, at finishing stages of formation of the concept, and it is about last 20 years when the basic ideas and final fundamental positions of the doctrine were established, in that kind as they are now was brought with the organizations and people with which names also it will be possible to know in the Epilogue.

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Question: Why you support intensive development of space engineering? Whether doesn’t it contradicts the basic ecological purposes of your organization? You see the ecology and Space is rather unexpected course...

The answer: We speak about protection of the Nature, about protection of all Solar System, including, from consequences of spontaneous and unguided processes of collisions of massive heavenly bodies, that, obviously, represents some threat and for our planet. So, on our sites we result a real picture of explosion in 1994 after collision of fragments of comet Shumeiker-Levis-9 (SL-9) with the Jove. The energy allocated only at impact of one of the largest fragments, is estimated as an equivalent from above 5 million hydrogen bombs on one megaton everyone. The characteristic sizes of explosion are comparable to diameter of Globe. It is one of aspects of environmental problems.

But there is also one more important moment. The problem of protection of an environment is the most complicated from everyone with which the mankind has ever faced. Therefore for the first time we have put forward the concept according to which intensive development of means of space engineering will allow to achieve a necessary level of the organization and interaction without which the achievement of the basic purpose, undoubtedly, is impossible. The difficult problem cannot be solved by simple ways and small means. The consumer purposes are incompatible to ecology; it has come time to understand clearly to all of us. If only we want to keep wildlife we should work vigorously, effectively and indefatigably to in this direction instead of shooting by the military weapon from expensive limousines of defenseless animals. In opposite case, all we are inevitably doomed to get in one big communal grave: alive essences of different sights, a different level of security, different religions, nationalities, different steps in hierarchy of biological kinds, different representatives of an animal and flora of our common planet.

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Question: What opportunities, the useful services interesting to users, are stipulated on KOCMOC.INFO?

The answer: The answer: the Catalogue of references, library of resources, section of discussions, a forum, the Internet-Union and the Union of Sites


More in detail about opportunities and services KOCMOC.INFO

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Question: Why the basic category of this revolutionary doctrine of XX century was named Higher Cosmos? Why Cosmos?

The answer:  Because it is first of all - the global concept. The contribution to this direction was brought not only by the remarkable theorists studying geometrical properties of space and FSC-transformation, but also first of all by inventors, researchers, scientists - people which carried out the first space flights. The twentieth century was first of all century of great break of mankind in Space, which has begun October, 4, 1957 by start of the First Artificial Satellite of the Earth; then flights of Gagarin and other Soviet cosmonauts, flights on the Moon, Venus and Mars, landing of the American astronauts to the Moon, researches of Solar System have followed... English word Space means in translation as Space, and Cosmos. In Russia the word Cosmos was used in such global understanding, in scales of Solar System, the universe. It came in history after the first Russian starts.

Concepts of a macro-cosmos, microcosm then appeared. But the space of scales of elementary particles and immense space of the universe do not exist separately from each other, representing a single whole. Therefore without knowledge of the universe it is impossible to understand a nature of small areas of space and elementary particles, and on the contrary. It just also corresponds to the concept of Higher Cosmos.

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The catalogue of references has some purposes:

1) To give the information on strategic directions (ecology, Space, Higher Cosmos):

2) Information support of friendly resources;

3) The catalogue is one of forms of purposeful collective development of the basic line;

4) Maintenance of users with the qualitative information in the vital spheres (such as the legislation, travel and rest, health and sports, economy, knowledge and others):

5) The most important task of the catalogue, as well as a portal as a whole, is joint search of ways to the decision of environmental problems, the most actual for today and on the nearest foreseeable future.


Library of resources:

1) Contains the basic sources on discussed questions;

2) Solves tasks 3) and 5) the previous unit, about joint development of a direction and environmental problems;

3) Information support of the basic thematic direction;

4) Information support of offered recommendations and measures on an way out global ecological crisis;

5) Realization of opportunities of users of a resource for publications of materials both in the Internet, and in press.


The section of discussions, forum, and also the Internet-Union and the Union of Sites carry out the same functions, realizing advantages of vivacious discussion, friendly dialogue of people standing on one would think incompatible positions, but incorporated by scale and depth of the common essential task - protection and preservations ecosystem of planets, actually for the first time creating a unique opportunity of an effective joint decision of global difficult problems.

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