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Ђ... Perhaps, we stand at critical, At
 world-wide and historical feature
New, spiritual epoch ї

                                                      Henri Poincare, 1910


4 basic ideas and 12 fundamental points of the Higher Cosmos doctrine, transformations ‘– , plurality of descriptions, spiritual revolution in sciences, the Higher Space irreducibility to the lowest forms, eco-compatibility of knowledge

The basic theme of the present Network Portal is environmental problems in turning point of a human civilization.

For understanding of similar problems the certain system of sights is required. That as such system of representations the Higher Cosmos doctrine is considered which, probably, on some questions has really some similarity to Buddhist philosophy isnТt casually.

PoincareТs words which stand in epigraph of this Page, were told in the beginning of XX century. Almost hundred years it was required, that as a result of a long way of technical, experimental, theoretical achievements and discoveries, efforts of works of many hundreds thousand people, outstanding scientists, designers, researchers, thinkers of this century was made revolutionary turn in a science, begun radical transformation of representations about the world surrpunding us Ц  discovery the Higher Space (Higher Cosmos) concept.

In the English language word Space means both Cosmos, and Space; for this reason there were two alternative Russian names so in essence the Higher Space and Higher Cosmos mean terms same.

In a basis of the Higher Space doctrine which purpose is protection and preservation of an inhabitancy and harmony of the person with the Nature, 4 basic ideas lay:

●   about inadmissibility of destruction of the Nature by a consumer civilization; 

●   about errors, ignorance and false outlook as to a principal cause of global ecological crisis;

●   about an opportunity of elimination of the reasons of ecological crisis;   

●   about the statement of the validity of  12 fundamental principles.

The greatest discovery of XX century became discovery of transformations of fundamental coordinates series (FCS).  Since G.A.Lorentz (1895-1899) transformations, on all extent of the twentieth century the destiny generously presented us discoveries of all new and new variants of transformations, from conformal up to rather recent numerous supersymmetric versions of superspaces. Now we do not consider more space, time and all other concepts: speeds, trajectories, spinors both any physical-geometrical quantities and objects, including quantum, and also conventions, belief and the higher (ideal) objects - elements of the higher, ideal reality - separately from each other: all of them are in the certain sense equal coordinates of a unique space, a unique reality - the Higher Space.

Another major discovery that has gone down in history is the  discovery of fundamental plurality of descriptions of the reality, plurality of definitions and understandings any things and the phenomena: for understanding of each phenomenon in our world the infinite set of systems of descriptions supplementing each other is necessary. And descriptions of the same thing considerably can differ one from other, even to have seen contradictions with each other.


Plurality understandings demands plurality of languages of the description.  Language of Spiritual Mathematics  unites in itself all known human languages of peoples living on the Earth with language of mathematics (So, the Japanese language is one of the richest as by quantity of letters - symbols, some thousands and under their graphic - semantic contents; we shall note, that the quantity of hieroglyphs of the Chinese alphabet in some times exceeds Japanese).

If to speak about Spiritual Mathematics, why not about spiritual physics, biology, medicine, economy, other sciences? And really, the concept of Higher Space opens new era of knowledge - era of integrated, Spiritual Sciences.


Henceforth any science will be based on spiritual principles and values, proceed from the prime targets, having undertaken not only attempts of the fragmentary description, but also an explanation of the reasons and sense.

The concept based on the statement of the higher, ideal reality: a spiritual world - as that world which underlies a reality.

One of 12 substantive propositions of the Higher Space doctrine are the regulations about irreducibility the higher forms of a reality to the lowest.

In the modern world of ecological accidents it is very necessary the responsibility from sphere of knowledge for preservation of the Nature and life on the Earth. The doctrine about Higher Space is a first system of knowledge known to us, the outlook of which includes the moral standards regulating the relations not only between people, but also between the Man and the Nature.

Among other basic ideas of the concept of the Higher Space there is a construction of plural system of definitions of concept of Higher Space, and also propositions about emptiness, cleanliness and a choice. These ideas are important for correct understanding of philosophy of a reality in which, in particular, all objects of the world is fundamentally the same object. But it is necessary to add last true by opposite: "the World is not uniform. It is various, and in this distinction there is its spirituality."


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