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This page of a portal H-COSMOS.RU is about ecological compatibility of knowledge in view of the Higher Space doctrine. The purpose of a portal is an environment protection and harmony with the Nature. 


The basic purpose of Earth Security Academy (ESA) is protection and conservation of inhabitancies of a planet the Earth and Solar System.

Global Information System "Source": the Unprecedented level of a science and technologies and a turning-point in development of mankind. About possible consequences, the reasons and ways of overcoming of ecological crisis

Ideas of the ESA on overcoming ecological crisis. Recommendations

The ecological crisis, two worlds in philosophies and eco-compatibility of knowledge

New ideas of the ESA: the most scale eco-crisis for the last 65 million years dictates new requirements to system of knowledge: the responsibility for restoration of moral standards with addition by their system of ecological principles

9 basic fundamental ecological concepts by ESA

Official site of the ESA     e-s-a

Informal site of the ESA     e-s-a2

Other Ecological Organizations



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