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Traditionally, each work on Higher Cosmos Concept, from 1980, had section which "Epilogue" referred to. From here the name of this page is. But in the present Epilogue we with the deepest respect would like to note merits of all those people and the organizations which the self-denying and selfless work made a valuable contribution to formation and development of knowledge of Higher Cosmos. Without them today this concept would not be:

NPO «Energiya»  (Rocket-Cosmic Corporation «Energiya» imeni S.P. Korolyov)

KB «Salyut» (State Cosmic Nauchno-Proizvodstvenny Centre Imeni M.V. Khrunichev)

Konstruktorskoye Buro «Rubin»

FGUP Konstruktorskoye Buro «Mars»

MMZ «Opyt»  (OAO "Tupolev"  and A.N. Tupolev's ANTK)

A.A. Bochvar Scientific Research Institute of Inorganic Materials

Nauchno-Proizvodstvennoye Predpriyatiye «Kvant»

Joint Institute of Nuclear Researches

Institute of High Energy Physics

NII Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Technologies

M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University

N.E. Bauman Moscow State Technology University

P. Lumumba Russian State University of Peoples Friendship

Perm's State University

Yaroslavl's State University

Official body the Department of Theoretical Problems

Association for Spiritual Revival of Sciences

Earth Security Academy (ESA)

Spiritual Sciences Academy

Space Explorations Academy

Academy of Theoretical Problems

Slavic Academy of Sciences, Educations and Arts

And other organizations


The modern scientific theories, fundamental knowledge of world around, outlook as a whole are developed in creative interaction of the best representatives of engineers, designers, scientists and all on whom the practical embodiment of the elaborated ideas depends. The Higher Cosmos doctrine does not grow out activity of one or several the person. It has arisen as a long-term result of activity at least several millions people. Remarkable achievements of mankind in XX century in the field of development of the Space, the Terrestrial atmosphere and Ocean (first of all to the USSR and USA, but it it is impossible to forget and about the contribution of researchers from other countries, including Germany, Japan, India, China, the countries of the East and the West), and also in the field of power, have opened opportunities for scale experimental and theoretical researches of properties of space and time, from the smallest elementary particles up to the immense open spaces of the Universe slightly opened new secrets of a Universe.


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