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The page contains data on a history of HIGHER COSMOS portal, Association of Spiritual Revival of Sciences, Earth Security Academy. Academy (Ecological) Safety of the Earth.




The basis of Association of Spiritual Revival of Sciences (ASRS) and its structural divisions: Space Explorations Academy (SEA), Academy of Spiritual Sciences (Spiritual Sciences Academy) (SSA), the Russian Incorporated Spiritual Research Scientific Academy (Russian United Spiritual Scientific Investigatory Academy) (RUSSIA), the Mathematical Society "SQUIRREL".

The basic direction of activity of ASRS was, among other, « protection of the ecological environment of a planet » and upholding of ecological principles in outlook, education, a science.

From 1991 periodicals of the ASRS, magazine "Especial Space Explorations" and "Journal of the Mathematical Society SQUIRREL" start to leave. The license for publishing LR 030460 was given by the Government of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of press and the information of the Russian Federation.


February, 3 the ASRS it is registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation (the certificate on registration Nr 640) as the all-Russian public association.


Ideas of the ASRS got support not only in Russia, but also in the world. Numbers of ASRS essentially grew, and it took part in federal elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation.


By this year ASRS carries out the tasks set oneself. Ideas of ASRS about upholding of eco-principles in outlook, education and a science were formulated and were actively discussed on pages of its magazines, were heard and maintained not only in a society, but also first of all by influential and responsible representatives of business elite of the world. That our forecasts and cautions was not remained without attention, speak the positive tendencies planned in last years both in the world development and a science, and in the Russian science in particularly. Really, the science in Russia for last years, having lost authoritativeness, began to be guided in the greater degree considerably by problems of protection of an environment. Whereas in a science, outlook and life of other countries the tendency of « Spiritual Revival » was planned. Though this tendency gathers force reasonably slowly, in it we see its force and irreversibility. Our ideas about inadmissibility of division of people at last found support in last decisions of the governments the most industrially advanced countries. Including, many adequate historical decisions were accepted. Besides the number of the largest enterprises which in a conceptual basis of the activity put eco-principles grows, raising a problem of protection of an environment on the foreground.

For these 7 years in activity of ASRS take part and publish the ideas and scientific articles on pages of its magazines known and authoritative scientists of the different countries. Among them: E.I.Andriankin, P.N.Antonjuk, A.J.Burinsky, Ulrich Bleyer, Yu.S.Vladimirov, R.V.Galiulin, S.S.Gershtein, I.S.Golovnin, Giovanni Giachetta, G.P.Dishkant, Ya.P.Dokuchaev, A.P.Efremov, D.D.Ivanenko, V.G.Kadyshevsky, I.V.Kanatchikov, V.F.Kassandrov, V.Yu.Koloskov, M.Yu.Konstantinov, I.A.Kuzin, A.A.Logunov, V.S.Makarov, Luigi Mangiarotti, N.A.Nevesskii, Y.Ne`eman, M.S.Nissenbaum, I.S.Nurgaliev, Yu.N.Obuhov, V.F.Panov, Ðoberto Percacci, E.G.Poznyak, H.C.Pollock, A.G.Popov, A.D.Popova, I.V.Purygin, Martin Rainer, Yu.P.Rybakov, Yu.A.Rylov, S.A.Savchukov, V.A.Sadovnichy, A.A.Samarsky, G.A.Sardanashvili, B.Saha, L.I.Sedov, V.S.Serebrov, V.V.Solntsev, J.P.Terletsky, V.V.Tikhomirov, V.I.Truhin, A.A.Tyapkin, R.Floreanini, F.W.Hehl, N.A.Chernikov, G.N.Shikin, P.W.Sheglow, and others.

For 7 years of activity (with 1991 on 1997) in publishing house ADVN (publishing house "SQUIRREL" of the Association for Spiritual Revival of Sciences) left 10 numbers of magazine «Especial Space Explorations» (ISBN 0869-6551) and 5 numbers of "Journal of the Mathematical Society SQUIRREL» (ISBN 0869-6543), and also books, collections and monographies. Including the collection «Non-Euclidean Spaces and New Problems in Physics. The collection of papers dedicated to a 200-anniversary of N.I.Lobachevsky» under edition by D.D.Ivanenko (Chairman), V.Yu.Koloskov, E.G.Poznjak, N.A.Chernikov, G.N.Shikin (ISBN 5-86164-004-1); a series of monographies of A.A.Alekseev about problems of medicine and the theory of connecting tissues (ISBN 5-86164-005-X, ISBN 5-86164-018-1 (the Russian version), ISBN 5-86164-019-X (the English version together with I.S.Larionova and N.A.Dudina), ISBN 5-86164-036-X, ISBN 5-86164-014-9 (together with N.A.Dudinoj), ISBN 5-86164-020-3 (together with I.S.Larionova and N.A.Dudina); V.Yu.Koloskov's monograph «Space: Systems of Reference and Systems of the Description» (ISBN 5-86164-001-7, Part I and ISBN 5-86164-003-3, Parts II and III); collections of "the Problem of Modern Physics» (ISBN 5-86164-011-4, Release I; ISBN 5-86164-012-2, Release II; ISBN 5-86164-013-0, Release III).

In 1997 Congress of ASRS made the historical decision about ASRS reorganization, according to item 6.1 of ASRS Charter. According to the decision of Congress, ASRS was reorganized in Academy (Ecological) Safety of Earth Security Academy (ESA). Idea of reorganization, besides other, is in strengthening of only ecological orientation in activity of association. Moreover, protection of an environment is recognized now as unique primary goal. On the other hand, the organization in the even greater degree was focused on cooperation with responsible and influential people of a planet.


By this year basically 9 fundamental ecological concepts of paragraph were formulated. The special attention was traditionally given to problems of eco-compatibility of system of modern representations, knowledge and outlooks.


This year became critical year in a history of paragraph. A series of practical recommendations was produced, and also 9 ecological concepts were finally formulated. The big value was given to various aspects of interrelation with economy, in particular in the current historical conditions of world processes of Globalization and Spiritual Revival.

Since August, 2002 in a world wide web the ESA official site operates:  


Since 2003  there exist an informal site of the ESA:   e-s-a2 .     Ecological recommendations were modified. By the end of 2003 basically development of new ecological outlook - doctrines about Higher Cosmos, including it 4 basic ideas and 12 fundamental positions for the first time formulated in global information system "Source" was completed.


February, 12, 2004 global information system "Source" was published in a world wide web.

April, 12, 2004 the Academy of Ecological Safety of the Earth based a new Network Portal H-COSMOS.RU and KOCMOC.INFO as its English version.


Copyright © SQUIRREL Group,, Earth Secutity Academy (ESA) 2004-2005. Portal isn’t commercial. All rights reserved. Materials of H-COSMOS.RU are freely distributed. At copying, use and any reprint of the information the reference to the given portal and names of authors are obligatory. Use of trade marks and elements of design of H-COSMOS.RU is forbidden. Offers are not considered. Commercial distribution of materials of a portal is forbidden. Copyrights to articles are kept for their authors. On questions of copyrights address to the e-mail of the ESA.

H-COSMOS.RU is based by April, 12 2004
Date of last updating - Febrary, 12 2005
 Russian version of H-COSMOS.RU

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