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Philosophy of the PORTAL

Here on a portal, are its concept, subjects of the catalogue, global infosystem the SOURCE contain. The portal are developed by collective efforts of people incorporated by ideas about Higher Space and understanding of importance of the decision of environmental problem

The portal represents the catalogue on the thematic directions connected to questions of ecology and the concept of the Higher Space, and simultaneously - the global information system including original works in these areas and system references for works of same orientation, discussion and other forms of collective cooperation.

Sights and opinions of authors of articles and the resources placed on pages of the given portal or marked in references in the catalogue, can not to coincide in all with the concept of the Earth (Ecological) Security Academy (ESA). In particular, some sections of the catalogue connected to so-called nonconventional sciences, the abnormal phenomena, bio-energo-informational exchange, are not included into our competence, and we do not count similar questions worthy serious researches and discussions now. We also warn readers and authors of these resources about probable negative consequences which can have such researches for ecology and societies.

The portal are developed by collective efforts of people sharing ideas about Higher Space or its separate positions, having significant results in the given directions and being participants of Internet-Union H-COSMOS. The Union of Sites H-COSMOS as network community of resources is included into Internet-Union H-COSMOS including also a number of the organizations and separate persons.


The basic ideas and positions of the doctrine about Higher Space for the first time were formulated on pages of global information system " Source ".



Copyright © SQUIRREL Group,, Earth Secutity Academy (ESA) 2004-2005. Portal isnТt commercial. All rights reserved. Materials of H-COSMOS.RU are freely distributed. At copying, use and any reprint of the information the reference to the given portal and names of authors are obligatory. Use of trade marks and elements of design of H-COSMOS.RU is forbidden. Offers are not considered. Commercial distribution of materials of a portal is forbidden. Copyrights to articles are kept for their authors. On questions of copyrights address to the e-mail of the ESA.

H-COSMOS.RU is based by April, 12 2004
Date of last updating - Febrary, 12 2005
 Russian version of H-COSMOS.RU

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